Special-T Services

Special-T Services is your one stop, get it done business assistant.  In addition to all the printing needs you may have; brochures, office forms, cards, posters, data sheets, newsletters, etc, We can provide you with imprinted business promotional products and signs of all sorts.


I give very personal attention to my clients.  I work with people who want things done right the first time and usually don’t employ an in-house person to manage these things. Running a successful business leaves little time to do it all their selves.  I have graphic designers I work with, who work for me as needed.  Most of my clients have what they want printed on a file already created, and usually hand it over on a disk.  Others need it created from an idea.  That’s when we get creative.  If my client has the file, I simply use my resources and provide them with the best and highest print quality available for the job.  Some jobs require very high end paper stock and big presses, others are “throw-aways”, and just need the best price out there.  I do both and everything in-between.


I have about 8 commercial printers I use from mom and pop small job low pricing, to web printing, to high end agency work and then to high end high quantity output.  I do all my own converting for envelopes and purchase all the paper myself and have it sent to the printers, ensuring no additional mark ups on each phase of the printing process. 


Because my company consists of me, working from my home office, I have literally no overhead.  My greatest service is the attention to detail I provide.  I can boast that in my 20 years in the print industry, I am keen to color corrections and handle all my press checks personally.  My printers give me better pricing than rack prices and I get the largest discounts allowed on paper purchases.  My pricing is competitive and fair, you get what you pay for in this business and I stand behind my work.


Contact me if you need any of the following:

  1. -Presentation Folders

  2. -Product Data Sheets

  3. -Letterhead

  4. -Envelopes

  5. -Business Cards

  6. -NCR Forms

  7. -Reception Signs

  8. -Door Vinyl Lettering

  9. -Company Promotional   Products

  10. -Newsletters

  11. -Direct Mail Pieces

  12. -Packaging

  13. -Catalogues

  14. -Binders

  15. -Brochures

  16. -Post Cards

  17. -Door Hangers


                                                             Fences    By Tracey Gaither

Roses #2

Original Oil Painting by Tracey Gaither